Sagada trip 2012

Sagada, one of the best vacations I ever had. Aside from the awesomeness of this place, it is also the first trip where me and some of my closest friends had gone trekking, spelunking, nature hiking and did some other cool activities we don’t usually do on our normal trips. I think it is also the time where I really fell inlove with the outdoors. Sagada is located in the province of Mountain Province. Although very far from Manila, and the roads you have to travel can be quite tricky at times, it is a trip worth doing and the scenes along the way are nothing but breathtaking.  Once in Sagada all you have to do is register at their Municipal Hall and from there you can plan your itinerary and hire guides. Although having an itinerary before hand is still advisable, the guides and people in the municipal hall are very friendly and accommodating they can suggest a thing or two to further make your stay as enjoyable and optimal. When it comes to lodging I advise that you do it before going to Sagada for assurance and convenience. sagada_blog_01As beautiful as the sceneries in Sagada is, the establishment here are also eye catching.sagada_blog_02sagada_blog_03sagada_blog_04sagada_blog_05sagada_blog_06sagada_blog_07sagada_blog_08sagada_blog_09The famous Hanging Coffins.sagada_blog_10sagada_blog_11sagada_blog_12sagada_blog_13sagada_blog_14sagada_blog_15sagada_blog_16sagada_blog_17sagada_blog_18sagada_blog_19

Sunrise in Sagada.sagada_blog_20

One of the must do when in Sagada is going in the Sumaging and Lumiang Cave connection. I think it took us more or less than 5 hours inside the cave, and every minute of that hour is nothing but fun adventure! sagada_blog_22sagada_blog_23sagada_blog_24sagada_blog_25

sagada_blog_26sagada_blog_27sagada_blog_28sagada_blog_29sagada_blog_30sagada_blog_31Rice terraces in Sagada.sagada_blog_32sagada_blog_33sagada_blog_34sagada_blog_35sagada_blog_36sagada_blog_37sagada_blog_38sagada_blog_39

Lemon Pie House.sagada_blog_40sagada_blog_41sagada_blog_42sagada_blog_43sagada_blog_44

Another great thing to do in Sagada is to try to eat at as much as you can. There are a lot of establishments where you can eat and everythingv we have tried are fresh and delicious. sagada_blog_45sagada_blog_46sagada_blog_47sagada_blog_48sagada_blog_50sagada_blog_51Sagada will always have a special place in my heart and I’ll definitely be back again to explore it even further. Sagada is a place where there is so much to do and explore you’ll definitely be wanting more. And when the night time comes you can be as chill as you can ever be. If you have the time, you should also plan side trips in other close provinces to get the best out of your Sagada/Mountain province trip.


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